Golden Retriever Nail Art

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These unique stickers are great for natural or false nails.

There are 24 stickers included in your order. They come in different sizes since your fingers are different sizes:

4 large - about 15 mm at the widest point
12 medium - about 10 mm at the widest point
8 small - about 7-8 mm at the widest point

These will arrive within 2-3 weeks at most.


1. Apply base coat or pale color (stickers will not show up well on dark colors)
2. Cut around the image. It does not have to be precise as long as it will fit on your nail. We recommend leaving a little space since it's easier to lift from a backing sheet. Cutting close to the design and leaving a small extra area works the best.
3. Scrape the point up with a fingernail, scissors or pin, and pull it back. Trim this point off .
4. Slowly, so it does not curl, lift the sticker away from the brown backing sheet using your fingernail, pin or tweezers and place on nail. The sticker can be lifted and moved to get it in the right place.
5. Smooth down.
6. Cover with top coat immediately you have finished applying sticker(s).
7. We suggest adding adding another layer of top coat every day or two.

The easiest way to remove the nail polish is to use nail varnish remover, then use your nail or orange stick to lift the edge of the sticker, then remove the rest of the base coat/polish.

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